Lenexa Lodge #135 AF&AM

Lenexa Masons have been meeting and working in Lenexa since 1870.  Lenexa Lodge #135 meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 7:30 PM.  A monthly Planning meeting is held on the 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.  A Study Club is held on the 3rd Monday at 7:00 PM.  Come join us in Masonic fellowship and Community service.

Lenexa Lodge No. 135 Officers for 2019

Worshipful Master: W:. Gregory W Keffer
Senior Warden: Bro Daryl L. Rogers Junior Warden: W:. Thomas B. Breeden
Treasurer: W:. Jarius D Flora Secretary: W:. Clifford W. Wade
Senior Deacon: W:. Robert E. Anderson Junior Deacon: W:. Robert G. Jones
Senior Steward: Bro Lawrence W Wise Junior Steward:
Chaplain: Bro Robert C Ross Tyler:


Lenexa Lodge 2019 Committees

Masonic Education       Masonic Foundation
W:. Gregory Keffer W:. Richard Schroder
W:. Robert Anderson W:. Robert Anderson
W:. Jim Owens
Finance Membership
W:. Jim Owens W:. Marvin Hammontree
W:. Allen Peyton W:. Robert Jones
W:. Robert Anderson W:. Gregory Keffer
Charity Public Schools
W:. Gregory Keffer W: Gregory Keffer
Bro Daryl Rogers Bro Daryl Rogers
W:. Thomas Breeden W:. Thomas Breeden
Lenexa Temple Building Board of Directors
W: Gregory Keffer (1 year) W: John Hammontree (3 yrs)
Bro. Daryl Rogers (1 year) W: Robert Anderson (2 yrs)
W: Thomas Breeden (1 year) W: Allen Peyton (1 year)
W: Jarius Flora (1 year)
Lenexa Lodge Memorial Fund Committee
W: Andrew Kogan (1 year) W: Richard Schroeder (3 yrs)
Bro. Pete Prevete (6 years) W: Robert Anderson (2 yrs)
W: Jon Robbins (5 years) Bro. Robert Ross (1 year)
W: Ron Harger (4 years)
Community Relations/Publicity Budget
W: Richard Schroder W: Gregory Keffer
W: George Arnold Bro. Daryl Rogers
W: Marvin Hammontree W: Thomas Breeden
W: Cliff Wade
Lodge Officer Training Lodge Bylaws
W: Gregory Keffer W: Gregory Keffer
W: Robert Anderson W: Ron Harger
W: Marvin Hammontree
Lodge Supplies
W: Marvin Hammontree
W: George Arnold
Bro. Lawrence Wise